Hockey Mommy on Center Ice

The Hockey Mommy was created to bring some warmth, style, and happiness to all the hockey moms who have to endure the brutal temperatures of the hockey rinks each week. We Love our Kids but Hate the Cold…

As I was thrown into the role of a hockey mom by my husband (a former hockey semipro player and current coach) when my first son became a mini-mite, I noticed all the conversations were the same each week:

  • “Boy is it cold in here!”
  • “Do you think it’s colder than yesterday?”
  • “I think this rink is colder than our home rink.”
  • “Maybe it is because it’s an early morning game…”

As I sat and froze the whole first season I became a little more prepared as a hockey mom. I started bringing a blanket. I started wearing warmer clothes. I started getting all my essentials for myself and my son ready the night before. By the end of the first season I realized the problem: hockey moms are cold! So, I decided to come up with a solution: warm apparel and accessories to make the hockey mom world a little more warm, convenient and fun!

Hockey moms have a common bond. We usually live in a hockey crazy house, with things being broken from the kids practicing their slapshots in the exact place you told them not to. We live with a high testosterone husband who either played hockey formerly or wished he had. Hockey games, hockey playoffs, and the Stanley cup are on TV from October through April every year. If there isn’t a hockey game on Versus, then ESPN is running on TV or hockey highlights on the computer. Your budget is always broken by league dues, new hockey equipment, or replacing the window that was broken by that awesome slapshot ripped in the driveway.

After all of this being said, we wouldn’t want it any other way! I mean, what would we do on weekends besides watch hockey games? But on a better note, hockey offers great gifts to our children and our family: many memorable moments, a chance to teach victory and defeat, and how to overcome obstacles in all arenas of life. Not to mention the health benefits of being in great physical shape!

We all dream about our children excelling and becoming the next greatest NHL player. Who would want to take that dream away from our children?

Hockey Mommy Gives Back
10% of its proceeds to "Stop Child Trafficking Now."
Our children’s safety is of upmost importance in the heart of every hockey mommy. Hockey Mommy gives 10% of its profits to “Stop Child Trafficking Now,” an organization who funds special retired elite military operatives targeting buyers/ predators for prosecution and conviction. SCTNow targets the source of child trafficking: predators who drive the sex industry everywhere in the world, including your own local community. These highly qualified teams of operatives build packages and execute missions that bring trafficking to a halt. SCTNow brings justice to predators who victimize children worldwide. Find out more by visiting their website at

Love My Kid, Hate the Cold


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