2020 Holiday Gift Guide

| Laura Jones

It’s December and Christmas is upon us! Only two more weeks to go! Are you having a hard time coming up with gift ideas for your hockey family? Looks like we’re all waiting until the last minute (oops)! 

One piece of advice: If you see it, get it!  Inventory is low with the pandemic and its effects on manufacturing and the health of many businesses, and the postal service is slammed since people can’t give their gifts in person as easily.

One thing I like to do if a gift order gets delayed is wrapping a picture of the gift in the box - sometimes you just have to adapt with the times! Your family or friends will understand - we all had to roll with the punches this year! 

To help with your Christmas shopping, we’ve compiled a handy list of great gift ideas for the whole family (or just as a present to yourself ;) ). Grab them now while they’re still in stock!

**Note: For any Hockey Mommy items, we have a code to get free shipping through Jan 1!  Enter “FREE SHIP” at checkout to get your items delivered for free!

For Dad:

1. Thank You Dad Picture Frame - Chalk Talk Sports

I love this adorable customizable picture frame for the hockey dad - what a cute way for your kids to say thank you and I love you to their dads!

They also have 10% off if you sign up with your email for your first order!


2. Hockey Dad PJ's - Cafe Press

This Hockey Dad PJ set is another unique gift idea! Cafe Press has an offer to get 25% off your order for an email subscription.  


For Mom:


1. Hockey Mommy Blanket - The Hockey Mommy

You just can’t go wrong with the Hockey Mommy blanket for mom!  Ask any mom who has one!  It is our best seller and has made mom’s so happy over the years!


2. Hockey Mommy Sweatshirts - The Hockey Mommy

Moms love our sweatshirts! Pick from several designs on our website. Pictured above is our newest design, which just so happens to be 30% off through Dec. 18th!


For Your Hockey Player: 


1. The Reactive Sniper - Hockey Shot

The Reactive Sniper is a great gift for your hockey player to aid in their training! It will assist with reaction time and hone essential skills!


2. Stocking Stuffer: Hockey Socks - Chalk Talk Sports 

Eat. Sleep. Hockey. That sounds about right, doesn’t it, hockey moms? These make for a great stocking stuffer!


For Your Hockey Sister:


1. Hockey Sister Sweatshirt - The Hockey Mommy

One of our absolute favorite products is the Hockey Sister Sweatshirt!  It comes in pink for younger sisters and heather gray for older sisters.

For Hockey Brothers:


1. Pure Donkey T-Shirt

Maybe the little brother beats to his own drum!  Lively little guy who often gets the “dooonkey!!” Just like Shrek would say!  


2. Hockey Brother T-Shirt - Etsy

I mean, what’s cooler than hockey brother? 


For Grandma: 


1. Hockey Grammy Blanket - The Hockey Mommy

This super cozy blanket is a fan favorite from Hockey Grammies who want to go support their grandkids at the rink, or stay cozy at home!

2. Hockey Grammy Tote - The Hockey Mommy

To go with it we have the Grammy totes as well! These totes are perfect for carrying your blanket to the rink - or any other items you may need on the go!

For Grandpa: 


1. Hockey Grandpa Sweatshirt - CustomizedGirl

This cozy sweatshirt has a funny message on the front, it gives us a good chuckle!


That’s all we have for now!  Don’t delay order today! 

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!  Enjoy your family!

The Hockey Mommy

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