I Will Conquer This Hockey Season

| Laura Jones

Wow, it’s that time already!

The fall is here, and with it, another season of hockey is upon us. We’re ready to conquer this season, and as we prepare to hit the ice I can’t help but embrace the excitement that accompanies this time of year.

What happened to Summer?

I find myself wondering where our break went! The season ended, then came clinic after clinic in preparation for tryouts. Many of you participated in Spring League, which is an entire layer of action in itself. I also saw many of you at tryouts, and we don’t need to talk about the stress and drama there.

Throw in some roller hockey, a tournament here and there, and even a week-long camp for the diehards, and it’s no wonder the dog days of summer flew by.

Cray Cray...

So here we are in September, and the season is starting again… on ice training, dryland training... games, tournaments… any of these ring a bell? It’s the life we live as hockey mommies!

Would I change it? Absolutely not. Will I complain about it? Yes! LOL. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of venting when we’re embraced by hectic times. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and my two precious boys, but my life is constantly crazy! I mean CRAY CRAY!!

Empowering Hockey Moms Everywhere

Our vision here at Hockey Mommy is to empower Hockey Moms throughout the world. We’re a busy and supportive bunch, and we want to help moms enjoy a happy, healthy hockey family.

You may be nearly bursting at the seams at times, but we’re here to help our communities support and love our kids (and keep you crazy warm in the process).

How To Better Prepare Your Hockey Life

I WILL have a weekly blog post throughout the season (God help me), with a recurring theme built around life hacks, tips, and tricks to help keep you on track this season so that you can focus on enjoying, celebrating and appreciating our wonderful family.

The blogs will focus on nutrition, food, and how to better prepare your hockey life so that it doesn’t send you into a tizzy! Feeling overwhelmed by the games, practices, food prep, equipment, and travel before the season even starts is not a good thing. I sincerely hope my blog will help give you some ammo to handle the stress.

We CAN better love and support our families. After all, that’s what this is all about, right? We only have a few short years with these kids of ours, let’s make good memories together!

Without further ado, let’s get started with our crazy hockey schedule!

Share A Meal Together

Here is a family meal to set the mood for the coming season. It is a crockpot recipe because I know how busy we all are. Plus, it’s BBQ because we are from the south (but transplanted from the north). And, it’s easy because that’s what we need!


Grab some buns and pair with coleslaw, baked beans, green beans or collard greens if you are southern! Use gluten free buns if your family is gluten free. Double the recipe for those big growing hockey players!

Have a great week everyone!

Laura Jones
Founder of The Hockey Mommy


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Ref: www.familyfreshmeals.com, Images provided by Amanda Michelle Photography

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