Advice for Hockey Families During COVID-19

| Laura Jones

Every hockey family has felt some level of disruption as the school year ended, or distance learning is set up, and sports seasons are postponed or canceled.

As we all try to navigate getting our kids back to the rinks and on the ice, there are many questions we're asking:

  • Is it safe?
  • What are the precautions to be taken?
  • Is all this stuff over the top?
  • Are we doing enough?
  • Are numbers inflated?
  • What is it like to have COVID?
  • Are my children at risk?
  • Am I at risk?

There is so much floating around out there!


A Hockey Mommy’s Experience

One hockey mommy shared her experience with COVID-19 with us. Here’s her story:

I was never admitted to the hospital, one of the lucky ones.
Yet ... let me tell you how scary it was to realize you can't remember a few days of the week because you barely were awake to go to the bathroom.
Or the look in your children's eyes when they try to talk to you from across the room with masks on, and they realize you can't understand them.
Or when the hives explode all over your body, and there is no comfort for days, and your exhausted body just wants to sleep, but the itching would not be satisfied.
Or when you are working on your breathing, and you literally can't get a full breath, or half of a breath and the coughing consumes your energy.
Or when you are awake, the headache just sits there willing your eyes to close for comfort, which helps with the burning feeling in your eyeballs.
Or that moment that you are awake for about 30 mins and you have the cognitive thought/realization that you have contracted a virus that is killing people and can not stay awake, physically unable to keep eyes open and be awake.
I am annoyingly good with my memory...ask my husband, So imagine my reaction when I was filling out a form for testing, and I couldn't remember my SSN... or when I had trouble with my phone number.
I don't know if I'm still infectious, or if I'll have a symptom flare up again. That's something I have to live with.
I'm not living in fear of it; I'll be living and respecting those around me and helping scientists learn more, so 10, 20, 100+ years from now.


As moms, we want our kids to do what makes them happy, but we also want to keep them safe.

We are all tired of juggling life with new precautions that seem to come out and change every day. And we all just want things to be normal again. There are moments where I feel sad and anxious at the thought of this as the "new normal."

So what can we do as hockey moms to help our kids and community?


4 steps I'm taking to help keep my family happy and healthy. 

1. Pray

I pray. You may not, and if you don't, that's okay. I pray for our nation, other nations, and our leadership (we can pray for their guidance).


2. Establish routines

While it may feel out of control, there are still parts of our lives that we can control. I've been keeping myself and my family as close to our normal routine as possible.

Our kids especially need to be getting outside, playing sports, learning, socializing with friends, and having strong relationships with their parents. Sometimes, strong relationships are hard, especially if you have teenagers!


3. Practice Gratitude

It’s been hard to feel grateful lately. The world feels like it’s been turned upside down overnight. But by focusing on the positives, each day gets a little easier.

Take note of all the things that make you smile throughout the day, even if it’s for a fleeing second. Write them down, and appreciate the moment of joy.


4. Help Your Players Practice At Home

Some seasons are still scheduled to start this year, and some have been canceled. Whatever your kid’s situation is, they can practice at home to prepare for returning to the rink. 

Keep your players engaged in the game they love, and help them practice! Whether you help them set up equipment outside to play, or stream a live workout, they’ll appreciate getting back into the game.

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