Decrease Your Stress for Thanksgiving

| Laura Jones

Whether you are cooking, traveling to the in-laws, or heading to a hockey tournament, everyone needs to decrease their holiday stress. I know traveling to Grandma’s every year and seeing your annoying uncle wears on you. So here are a few tips to stay sane this Thanksgiving!

1. Everything doesn't have to be perfect!

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart! I know I can get a perfectionistic attitude when it comes to the holidays and Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal of the year so I get a little fixated on it! But try to keep your perspective, it’s more about getting family together and spending quality time together! Most of all you are teaching your kids the importance of family.

2. Keep visits short!

The longer the stay, the more likely irritations and old wounds can get stirred up. As the saying goes, “Always leave them wanting more.” Of course this is easier if you are visiting them.

3. Plan early!

If you are hosting the Thanksgiving event. Plan out your days ahead of time. Start now, it’s Nov 15th! You basically have one week to get ready. Shop early, plan what you are prepping ahead of time, etc. Here is a handy timeline from pinterest to keep you on track.

4. Ask guests to bring a dish!

You should not be expected to do it all. If they do not ask or they don’t have cooking skills, assign them something easy such as drinks.

Here is a new recipes that is paleo stuffing and it looks really good! I don’t want to feel stuffed like a turkey when I’m done with Thanksgiving dinner. But I want to enjoy myself and not feel deprived! The packaged stuffing is just terrible! Ever look at the ingredients on the back? Whether you are hosting at your house or taking a dish to the family holiday gathering, it’s nice to have a healthy option for those watching their waistlines! If your uncle will pitch a fit because the cornbread stuffing is not available, offer both options!

Best Ever Paleo Stuffing

Click here to download the recipe.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Laura Jones
Founder of The Hockey Mommy

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