Don’t Get Put in the Penalty Box this Valentine's Day!

| Laura Jones

Hello, this is Laura from The Hockey Mommy.

We have almost made it through another season of hockey!

Well, sort of…

Most of us are having end of year championships, tournaments, power skating clinics, etc. added to the schedule.

It really never ends… But as we continue through February, let’s not forget to take some time out with our spouse.

Travel sports may increase stress through the marriage relationship. Time away from each other, financial stress, and lack of communication can all be stressors.

Brooke Powers from CenterPeace has written some great tips for your marriage relationship.

She and her husband have a ministry for strengthening marriage relationships.

Valentine’s Day Tips by Brooke Powers

Hallmark holidays like Valentine's Day can be stressful and expensive. But the idea behind the holiday is important: a day to show love and appreciation to our spouse.

Below are 5 meaningful expressions that are quick and economical to help you create a memorable Valentine's Day.

1. Give Compliments

For everyone, a compliment from a spouse makes such a sweet impression. Take a minute now to brainstorm one thing that you really appreciate or love about your spouse. Write it down on a post-it note and put it somewhere he will see it.

2. Acts of Service

Acts of service are wonderful when they're done with a cheerful heart. Do something that you think your spouse would really appreciate, or that he has been asking you to do.

3. Give a Small Gift

Giving a small gift is such a kind gesture. I think that a lot of us forget to do the little things for our spouse, because we're so busy with the kids. Pick up something small just to show that you were thinking of him.

4. Take Quality Time

Quality time can be a challenge for parents, especially when their kids are on a travel team and they're in different cities. Some of my favorite quality time conversations are called the 4 W’s. Click here to read our article 'Heart Talk' about the 4 Ws.

  • What have you been Wishing for/dreaming about lately?
  • What has been Worrying you?
  • What Wounds have I caused, or someone else caused in your life today?
  • What was the Wow from your day, something that was really exciting or interesting?

3 Things to do Every Year to Strengthen Your Marriage

At CenterPeace we recommend couples do 3 things every year to strengthen their marriage:

  1. Take a class or workshop together and learn a new relational skill
  2. Read a marriage book together
  3. Get a check-up

We all know it’s best practice to get a physical to catch things early. Why aren’t we doing the same thing for our most important relationship?

Whether meeting with a mentor couple or a counselor it’s a great idea to talk as a couple to a trusted person about your marriage.

On our website, you can find upcoming classes and workshops, a library of great books and some of our favorite counselors.

I recommend Dr. John Gottman's 'The Seven Principals for Making Marriage Work.' Click here to get the book.

Happy stress-free Valentines Day from your friends at CenterPeace!

Brooke Powers

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