Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Hockey Moms

| Laura Jones

Mother’s Day is a special day in America, celebrating the Moms who’ve made us who we are today!

Mom always deserves the best but giving her the best doesn’t have to mean big money. Treating mom to a special day, full of thankfulness, appreciation and rest is as simple as doing a little prep and giving mom that day off she has been longing for.

Shopping on a budget? No worries!

Hockey mommies are especially welcome to a relaxing day and some quality time; Plus, what mom doesn’t love a simple homemade card or gift that is inspired by your love for her.

Looking for a gift? Show your love for mom this Mother’s Day with gifts like handpicked flowers, a homemade bracelet, a day at the spa or maybe just a little extra sleep and a clean house. Check out some of the other ideas I've put together below.

It’s never too late, make sure to check our list for last minute mother’s day ideas, gifts that ship in two days, and even homemade mother’s day gift ideas that she is bound to love!

  1. To Feel Appreciated! All year long we are serving our families with not much appreciation or if you do appreciate us, we hardly hear it. So telling mom how much you appreciate everything she does goes a long way on Mother’s Day. But don’t stop there, list the things you appreciate about your mom. This can be told to her or written in a card, or both. This will score you huge points!
  2. A Clean House! According to, this is the number two request of moms for Mother’s Day! We spend countless hours cleaning up after the whole family. A great gift would be to hire a cleaning service at least once a month during hockey season or all year long! Once a month it is like a cleaning fairy comes in and the whole house is clean!  It is personally, my favorite day of the month! If you think you cannot afford the service, gather the kids and clean the house on Saturday before Mother’s Day so she can enjoy this special treat and relax on Mother’s Day!
  3. Sleep! Especially if your mom has younger children, they are up at the crack of dawn every morning taking care of the kids; or toting kids to school early in the morning.  One day of interrupted sleep will be the perfect gift for the tired mom! Oh, and don’t forget about the 6 am hockey practices and games on the weekends!
  4. Time for Herself! Dads: take the kids and don’t complain about it!  Give mom a day a week for her to do whatever she wants - alone!  A workout, a shopping trip, coffee with a friend, don’t worry she can entertain herself!
  5. Spa Gift Certificate:  This is an easy one dad!  Go to your local spa and get a gift certificate for your love and make sure she has time to use it!  I don’t know any mom who will refuse a massage for some needed relaxation!
  6. Every hockey mom freezes throughout the season in cold rinks!  Honestly, she is tired of freezing and tired of asking you for The Hockey Mommy blanket every year!  This blanket is so soft and so warm, every hockey mom wants one!  We have made it easy for you, here is the link to go and get her one this year!  You will not regret it! Click here to get your own Hockey Mommy Blanket today!
  7. A Day Off! Take the day and spoil mom. She doesn’t have to cook, clean, drive, answer questions, or do anything, including laundry! Take a day and go relax, take a hike, go to the beach, whatever she wants to do! Often, my family does a special dinner or breakfast, has flowers on the table and goes out of their way to make it special! It always warms my heart that they are putting in the extra effort to make it extra special for me!
  8. A Clean Car! After all the chauffeuring for hockey practices, games, and away weekends, her car has taken a hit and she hasn’t had time to clean it! Take her car to get detailed or save the money and do it yourself. She will appreciate it!
  9. A Homemade Card or Craft from the Kids:  If you are handy, you can help them or if it is as simple as the kids making a homemade card, the time and special words written inside melt every mother’s heart! The best things in life are free!
  10. A Hockey Mommy shirt: Celebrate being a hockey mom with one of our Hockey Mommy shirts or sweatshirts!  She loves her kids and likes celebrating being their mom! Click here to check out all our Hockey Mommy apparel.
  11. Magnolia Table Cookbook - Magnolia Table includes 125 classic recipes—from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to small plates, snacks, and desserts—presenting a modern selection of American classics and personal family favorites. Complemented by her love for her garden, these dishes also incorporate homegrown, seasonal produce at the peak of its flavor.

With all these options you should be able to make mom feel special this year!  A little planning ahead of time is always key!

Discuss options with the kids and make a game plan for the special day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our special mom’s!

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